National Championship 2019 – Bringing our total to 49

The 2019 National Rowing Championships were held at the National Rowing Centre in Inniscarra over 3 days from the 12th to 14th July. The club had a very successful weekend winning 3 national championships bringing the total for the club to 49 which maintains our position in the top 10 of total championship wins of Irish rowing clubs. The club also had 3 wins in non-championship events (2 of these in composite crews). For a number of our junior boys and girls it was their first time competing at the national championships so the experience should be of great benefit to them for next season and beyond.

The following is a list of the results events the club achieved a top 3 placing:

Championship Events:

· Mens Intermediate 4+ #1st place
· Mens Intermediate 8+ #1st place
· Womens Junior 2- #1st place
· Mens Club 1X #2nd place
· Womens Intermediate 8+ #3rd place
· Womens Intermediate 4+ #3rd place
· Womens Senior 2- #3rd place
· Mens Intermediate 2- #3rd place

Non-championship Events:
· Mens Junior 15 4X+ #1st place in Final 3
· Mens Masters 8+ #1st place (composite crew with Shandon, Lee Valley and Clonmel)
· Mens Masters 4+ #1st place (composite crew with Shandon and Lee Valley)
· Womens Junior 15 4X+ #2nd place in Final 3
· Mens Masters 1X #2nd place
· Mens Junior 1X #3rd place in Final 5
· Womens Junior 15 8+ #3rd place in Final 1

Thanks to all the athletes, coaches, parents and supporters that made the weekend another memorable national championships for the club. Behind the scenes there were many logistical tasks required such as painting oars, fettling boats, towing trailers and pitching tents to name a few. All this would not be possible without the help and support of many club members. Thanks also to those club members that volunteered to help run the event with the organising committee.

Home Internationals, Strathclyde, Scotland 27th July
Three athletes from Cork Boat Club are selected to represent Ireland at the 2019 Home Internationals:
· Hannah Gahan – Junior Womens Team
· Paul Beechinor and Michael Cronin – Junior Mens Team

Coupe de la Jeunesse, Italy, 3rd August
Three athletes from Cork Boat Club are also selected to represent Ireland at the 2019 Coupe de la Jeunesse:
· Jane Duggan, Claragh O’Sullivan and Vikey Hanlon (cox)

Well done to all and best of luck in Scotland and Italy!