Cork Boat Club Child Welfare Policy


Dear Coaches, Volunteers and Parents,

In the interests of child welfare and in line with best practise, Cork Boat Club committee has recently reviewed guidelines from Rowing Ireland on this topic and have also consulted with external practitioners to help us put together a child welfare policy which will ensure a safe operating environment for all our minor rowers, our coaches and volunteers.

We are attaching the new policy which was recently approved by Cork Boat Club Committee having consulted with the Club Captain and a some club coaches at a recent coaches meeting. We feel that this reflects the many communications challenges in the multi-media world in which we live today. We request that all club coaches and volunteers embrace the spirit of this document.

Some key changes to note:

We are asking that no private online connections exist between coaches / volunteers and minor rowers via Facebook, Twitter, Text messaging, Skype, social media etc. All messaging regarding squad or club events such as training times, crew selection etc. should only happen in open forum via the Club Facebook Group or an officially designated squad Facebook group. All coaches / volunteers are asked to un-friend minor rowers on Facebook if those connections exist and to ensure that no private connections with minor rowers exist via any of the modern social media.

The Club’s Child Welfare Officers, Frank O’Leary and Karen Jeffers, are available to answer queries at any time.

The policy document can be accessed here.

The document can be reviewed and altered, if necessary, over time.


Best Regards,

Frank O’Leary and Karen Jeffers